Welcome to Old Ravian association UK & Europe

This web site has been launched to get in touch with the, “Old Ravians”(former students of GC University, Lahore (previously known Government College Lahore) living in the United Kingdom and Europe. We hope you are doing fine. It is for sure that you must be expecting the old students of GC University Lahore to get in action to bring the Glorious past of our University on the net. We have made it very recently and with your help and contribution, you would find this website growing. Just get in touch with us and re-build the bond of Trust and friendship that we have preserved for so many years.

The purpose of the website is to promote contacts between members and to further the interests of the Hall. Membership of the association is open to all past students living in the UK and Europe. Kindly submit your personal data through the membership form available in this web site. You are requested to provide us contacts or details of other “Old Ravians” if you happen to know them. Please send us your Batch information and photographs for inclusion on the web site.

We also welcome old Group photographs, articles and memoirs from all former students to be posted on this web site. Also keep sending us information about you and your activities and achievements and about other friends for circulation in our News Letters.

History of GCU

The Government College University, Lahore , abbreviated to GCU, is a public university located in the downtown area of Lahore,Punjab, Pakistan. It is one of the oldest university in Pakistan as well as oldest institution of higher learning in the Muslim world. Initially established as Government College Lahore, it was granted university status by the Government of Pakistan in 2002; the world college is retained in its title for preserving its historical roots.